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GIS Director


The Director of the GIS is appointed by common agreement between the Parties for the term of the Agreement.



The Director of the GIS has the responsibility of implementing the decisions of the GIS Council and making use of the resources made available to GIS COOC.

For these purposes, he/she:

- is responsible for implementing the directions defined by the GIS Council and making use of the resources made available to GIS COOC,

- coordinates the activity of the research and development teams of GIS COOC

- makes recommendations to the GIS Council concerning the representation of GIS at any national or international body which deals with issues within the field of expertise of GIS COOC;

- is responsible for organising events, disseminating information, developing relations between the Parties,

- reports to the GIS Council on the progress of research work and ongoing partnerships and the results achieved within the GIS COOC,

- sends to the Parties an annual activity report and a financial report, which he/she presents to the Steering Committee and the GIS Council,

- interfaces between the GIS Council and the Steering Committee,

- prepares and presents for approval the programme of future activities annually to the GIS Council (scientific programme, allocation of work among teams, partnerships and related future budget), the above mentioned annual activity programme being subject to the prior submission to the expertise and opinion of the Steering Committee,

- ensures  that the confidentiality clauses are respected,

- is responsible for drawing up the minutes of the meetings of the GIS Council and the Steering Committee.

In order to fulfil his/her duties, the GIS Director can decide to be assisted by a deputy. The GIS Deputy Director is appointed by the GIS Council on the recommendation of the GIS Director


Co-directors of the GIS

David Doxaran – Research Scientist at CNRS, LOV

Antoine Mangin - Scientific Director of the company ACRI-ST

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