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GIS Council



The GIS Council consists of one representative from each of the Parties.

The GIS Council elects a Chair from its members by the absolute majority of the members present or represented, for a two year renewable term.

The GIS Director and the Chairman of the Steering Committee participate in the GIS Council meetings in an advisory capacity.

The GIS Council members are not paid for their contributions.



The GIS Council meets at least once year, on the decision of its Chair who can also convene a meeting at the request of one of the Parties or the GIS Director.

There is quorum when 2/3 of the members of the GIS Council are present or have given powers of attorney to another member.

The decisions of the GIS Council are taken by the absolute majority of the members present or represented.

Persons external to the board can be invited at the request of the Chair, the Director of the GIS or one of the members of the GIS Council, depending on the Agenda, to take part as experts in the GIS Council, in an advisory capacity, provided that these external persons sign a prior confidentiality agreement.

The agenda for each GIS Council meeting is prepared by the GIS Director after consulting the GIS Council members and is circulated at least 15 days before the date of the meeting.

The GIS Director draws up the minutes for each meeting and sends them to the GIS Council members for approval.



The GIS Council, in particular has the task of:

- deciding the scientific directions and the specific projects of the GIS COOC based on the recommendations of the Steering Committee and the GIS Director,

- examining and approving the annual programme of activities as well as the provisional programme of activities,

- discussing the provisional budget and the execution of the budget at the end of the financial year

- monitoring the optimal use of the resources within the GIS COOC,

- approving the potential applications of new members to the GIS COOC or excluding a  Party,

- recommending changes to be made to the Agreement,  which should be recorded in an amendment.


List of GIS Council members

For UPMC, the President of the Université Pierre et Marie Curie or his/her representative

For CNRS, the Director of INSU or his/her representative

For ACRI-ST, the CEO of the company ACRI-ST or his/her representative

For CNES, the Director of Strategy and Programmes or his/her representative


The Council is chaired by Paul Indelicato (UPMC).

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