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Executive Committee



The steering committee consists of active members of the Parties, nominated for the entire term of the Agreement.

If one member leaves the Steering Committee, his/her replacement is appointed by the GIS Council on the recommendation of the Steering Committee, this appointment being subject to an amendment to the Agreement.

The Chair of the Steering Committee is appointed by the Steering Committee members, on a decision taken by the absolute majority of the members present, and for a two year term.

The GIS Director attends the Steering Committee meetings in an advisory capacity



The Steering Committee meets as and when necessary and at least twice a year, as decided by its Chair or the GIS Director.

The invitation is sent by the Chair of the Steering Committee at least 15 days before the date set for the meeting; it provides the Agenda and is accompanied by any useful document.

The Steering Committee can, depending on requirements, call upon French or international experts which it appoints and for whom its defines the assignments, subject to a prior confidentiality agreement being signed by these experts.

There is quorum when 2/3 of the members of the Steering Committee exists are present or represented; decisions are taken on the absolute majority vote of members present or represented.

The GIS Director draws up the minutes of each meeting and sends them to the members of the Steering Committee for approval.



The Steering Committee is responsible for identifying questions of interest to public decision makers, and recommending possible directions for GIS COOC in response to these questions.

It examines the results achieved and makes recommendations or proposals about the strategic directions of GIS COOC as well as the research programmes and the partnerships to be developed by GIS COOC.

The Steering Committee examines the scientific and financial activity reports prepared by the GIS Director and the programme of future activities, and forwards its opinions to the GIS Council.


List of Steering Committee members

Three representatives from LOV:
- Annick Bricaud
- Hervé Claustre
- David Doxaran
- Julia Uitz


Three representatives from ACRI -ST:
- Ludovic Bourg
- Odile Fanton d'Andon
- Christophe Lerebourg (président)


Three representatives from CNES:
- Bertrand Fougnié
- Patrice Henry
- Thierry Guinle


One representative from LOG:

- Cédric Jamet

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