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ACRI-ST is a research and development company based in Sophia-Antipolis, France.


ACRI-ST specialises in the fields of applied mathematics, geophysics, mechanics and digital modelling. ACRI-ST produces studies, assessments, training activities and environmental information services, updated in real time as can be seen on the site: or

ACRI-ST works in the fields of:

- The Environment (air quality, atmosphere, water quality, coastal regions, maritime hydraulics, coastal engineering, geophysics, hydrodynamics etc.).

- Earth Observation (studies and design of space system simulators with the aim of preparing the use of remote sensing data for thematic applications linked to the environment).

ACRI-ST proposes solutions and decision-making tools based on the study and modelling of physical phenomena, simulation and prototyping. It also carries out research and training activities.

The company ACRI-ST assists contracting authorities (e.g. European Space Agency, European Commission, EUMETSAT, CNES, UEO, the French Navy, and local and regional environmental agencies) with a full range of studies and projects: analysis of user needs and technical constraints, analysis and implementation of solutions, estimation and monitoring of environmental, economic and social impacts.

ACRI-ST brings answers to concrete engineering problems involving complex interactions between different types of phenomena, by providing tried and tested solutions derived from the results of scientific research.  In this way, ACRI-ST develops close relations with current players in scientific research, thereby encouraging technological transfers toward operational applications.

The European Commission as well as the French Government co-finance a part of ACRI-ST research. The research financed from the company's own funds ensures that ACRI-ST retains its expertise as a high technology company, enabling cooperation with major research centres both nationally and internationally (CNRS, INRIA, JRC, etc.).

The results of ACRI-ST research are exploited through publications, patents, training programmes and used to develop new decision tools, in particular for environmental safety.

ACRI-ST is involved in or coordinates several European Union research programmes on environment, climate and natural risks.


ACRI-ST belongs to the ACRI Group and includes two divisions that provide specific added value services

- ACRI-ST: research and development division on earth sciences, applied mathematics and digital modelling of the environment;

- ACRI-IN engineering consultancy: division for industrial studies, civil engineering and coastal engineering;

Key words

Dynamics - Atmospheric chemistry; Dynamics - Marine chemistry; Geography - Geophysics; Fluid mechanics; Environment - Health



- Marine chemistry; Geography – Geophysics; Fluid mechanics; Environment - Health

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